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We are glad that you are interested in our Cabin Provision. The Cabins are Enhanced Resource Provisions with a specialism in autism.

The Cabins work in close partnership with schools to provide autistic children / students the opportunity to be part of our inclusive schools, participating in mainstream settings.

We have high hopes and high expectations for our students but provide significant assistance through our highly skilled and caring staff. whose dedicated support helps our students to cope with the challenges that they face daily.

All the schools strive to ensure that every pupil attains the highest possible academic achievement and that they consistently experience innovative and inspiring teaching.

We want our students to feel secure and supported within a calm and purposeful learning environment; we want them to feel they belong not only in the Cabin but also as part of our schools, who all embrace a truly comprehensive educational ethos.

Our students over time have made exceptional progress not only academically, but socially and emotionally and we truly believe that, for those cognitively able Autistic students, an inclusive provision in a mainstream school provides the best opportunity to go on to lead a fulfilled adult life and contribute in exceptional ways to our society.

As an aside, of course, this also means a widening in understanding of autism from the neuro typical school population and we are proud of how understanding and supportive our pupils and staff in the schools are.

Peter Allcock Director of Cabin Provision

The Cam Academy Trust

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