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Please contact your nearest Cabin initially regarding admissions. We will always be happy to welcome you for a visit to the Cabin when everyone is there so you can make the best decision for your child as placement within a mainstream school is often a difficult decision as the likelihood is this is where you will have had previous challenges. However, we believe the Cabin route, if there is space, provides the best outcomes.

Places for September 2023

Reception – currently full

Year 1 – currently full

Year 2 - currently full

Year 3 – currently full

Year 4 – currently full

Year 5 – currently full

Year 6 - currently full

Year 7 – currently full

Year 8 - currently full

Year 9 - currently full

Year 10 – currently full

Year 11 - currently full

Sixth Form - currently full


Criteria for admission:

  • The child is Autistic and Autism is their primary need.
  • The child is cognitively able to access a mainstream curriculum (even if not currently doing so)
  • It is likely there has been involvement with the Specialist Teaching Team of the relevant LA
  • The child is not currently exhibiting levels of violence that would adversely effect the learning of others
  • We are able to provide a place in their appropriate year group
  • The child must have have a proposed draft, or final, Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP);
  • They must live within a maximum 45 min distance from the nearest Cabin

Applications are made through the Local Authority naming the Cabin, A school placement does not equate to a Cabin placement and it is important that a Cabin Specialist Placement is requested .

Please call your nearest Cabin if you wish to make an appointment. Cabin staff are also available for discussion during school open evenings, which are in October or November.

Please complete the form which can be downloaded here or from the side of this page to help with deciding which is the most appropriate Cabin for your child.