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Staff Development Opportunities

At the Cabin no one is ‘Just a TA,’ we believe that Cabin staff, no matter how or when in their lives they come to us, should be given every opportunity to develop into someone more.

This can take many routes so all staff have clear inductions, regular training sessions and reviews so we can support them in achieving their goals.

For some, they wish to go into the teaching profession others may wish to become therapists and we have clear pathways to support this. Others may wish to simply learn a little more about Autism and improve themselves as a TA.

But within the Cabins we also have our own career pathways, which we are very proud of. All our lead staff began life as a TA, some intended to become teachers others therapists and others just needed a job. But all decided they wanted to stay in the Cabin and contribute more. Some took degrees in Education part time supported by the Cabin most have attained or are currently studying for a Masters in Autism and all have shown a desire and a level of professionalism that they have developed within the Cabin.

In short we hope that all our staff whether they make their career in the Cabin in education or elsewhere will be more empathetic with our Autistic population, more skilled as a communicator, mentor and Teacher and more knowledgeable about Autistic children, students and indeed adults and finally more qualified to take the next step wherever that takes them.