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To Primary School

At our primary Cabin, the transition is rarely 'at phase' transfer, so we have a bespoke transition for each student. We often start this well before the start date while we are sorting school placement administration.

Generally this consists of a number of visits, and for many pupils they are unable to attend mainstream lessons for some time so the first stages of coming to the new school are solely in the Cabin.

This could. on some occasions. be on a part time timetable until they are settled. After that our objective is to get them on to a full-time mainstream timetable as quickly as we can, while ensuring the child feels settled and safe,

in general, the children are very keen to go to class, but understanding procedures and expectations can take time.

To Secondary School

In our secondary schools we are very aware of the challenges that transitions place on students joining our Cabins.

We usually have the first visit on an open day or as a family investigating provisions for their child.

If a place is granted by the Local Authority it is normal for us to encourage another visit or two before starting with us. If this is 'at phase' transfer into a secondary, these visits will be arranged after Year 11 have left following their exams in May to ensure we have staff capability to provide a secure and engaging visit for the new students.

We also have days when we can organise activities like a treasure hunt to find your way around and we have staff to accompany students to ensure the days are successful.

Usually, we have two to three visits before the students start so they can get to know key staff, including the CSS responsible for the year group. All this happens alongside the school's Intake Days when the students will join in the new Year 7 activities with support from our staff and hopefully accompanied by their primary TAs when possible.

Parents will be provided with a transition booklet to help the children with some of the changes and see people and places they will come across.

To Sixth Form and Post-18

The staff at our schools are very clear about the need to provide a secure transition beyond the Cabin to along whichever path our students are taking.

We work closely with the Additional Needs Pathway Advisors in the 14-25 Additional Needs Team at the Local Authority to ensure we can guide towards the best pathway for our students. 

The transitions to Regional Colleges and other 6th form provisions: Some examples are courses in Games Design at Cambridge Regional College, animal care courses at the College of West Anglia or indeed for Post 18 transition to university.

We have had a number of successful placements at Anglia Ruskin University, studying maths and photography, but students have also attended Bath and Durham studying Engineering, Nottingham studying psychology and Central St Martins to study Art.

Staff support all students with their applications and try to accompany students to arranged visits to their chosen destinations.