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St Peter’s School

St Peter's School is a secondary mainstream school. Our students join in Year 7 through to their GCSEs. After Year 11, our students can continue their Post-16 study in our Sixth Form.

St Peter's School is home to 1,350 students in total, within this number The Cabin supports more than 20 students. This is due to increase by, but not exceed, five additional placements each year, due to the size of school and each year group.

Our Cabin differs from others in The Trust as we work incredibly closely with our Nurture department. The Cabin is situated within the Nurture (SEND) department, which aids our students in a bridge from primary school studies into a secondary school environment.

Our students can use this tailored curriculum where it best suits their needs, whether that be maths, reading or comprehension – working in small, supportive classes instead of leaping straight into a mainstream classroom.