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Comberton Village College

Established in 2006 with three students, we now support more than 100 students directly and indirectly from our main cabin and sixth form Cabin.

After 17 years we continually strive to be a Centre of Excellence for our students, treating them all as individuals with different needs and wants.

Our students are educated in main school and the Cabin is a place for our students to return to in unstructured times or when they are feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope.

We have a purpose-built building with designated year group rooms, outside play equipment, PE changing room, life skills room and plenty of options to be with peers or spend time in quieter areas.

Comberton Village College has a very high proportion of students with autism in school (at least twice the national average) and due to our popularity, we are always oversubscribed.

Our students make great progress during their time with us and some choose to stay for sixth form so over the five or even seven years with them we build close relationships with the students and their families and celebrate every little bit of progress they make.

Our staff are fantastic and we promote a feeling of calm at all times by making sure our staff feel reassured in everything they do in supporting our students, who are amazing individuals and fully included in the life of the school and an integral part of life in CVC and society as a whole.

Director of Cabin Provisions  

Peter Allcock


Head of Cabin 

Jane Hylton

Ext: 339

Assistant Heads of Cabin 

KS4 and KS5, Elecia Page

Ext 338


KS3,Josh Eke

Ext 329

Year Group CSS




Year 7


Laura Pottinger:
Julie Astles:


Year 8 


Sarah Gosling: 

Christina Felstead:


Year 9 


Alice Wood:

Mary Moynihan:


Year 10


Chrissie Haywood:
Josie Allen:


Year 11 


Charlotte Waine: