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Comberton Sixth Form

Some students with autism require Cabin support at Sixth Form, indeed some of our students from our Cabins choose to stay with us into Sixth Form.

We provide support specifically designed for our KS5 students, who are academically able to take A levels or BTEC Level 3 subjects, but may require additional support for their anxiety, social communication, interaction or organisational difficulties.

Many of our students continue to go on to university to study at undergraduate level, some then progress on to Masters courses and even some to Doctorate level courses.

Consequently, we have built close links with Anglia Ruskin University as, for some of our students, it is best to remain local. This connection has enabled very positive transitions to take place.

Our staff working in the Sixth Form focus their support on academic and independent study skills alongside supporting emotional development, life and social skills.

The team work closely with Sixth Form staff to ensure all supported students are fully included and integrated into all aspects of sixth form life.

Director of Cabin Provisions  

Peter Allcock


Head of Cabin 

Jane Hylton

Ext: 339

Sixth Form CSS





David Mitchell



Anna Ashley



Ingrid Wall