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In general, the Cabin follows the policies of the schools in which each Cabin is located. There are a few policies which we have included here which are particularly pertinent to the Cabins. These are the Cabin policy of the Trust and the admissions policy of the Cabin.

The trust policy outlines how the Cabins are structured to fit within the schools whilst maintaining their own structure and how this ring fences the funding that is entirely directed for the benefit of Cabin students and staff.

The Admissions policy looks at the history and the rationale for needing to limit places and allow for the Cabin to provide access for those children most able to benefit from mainstream curriculum and integration.

Our Physical intervention policy will align with the STEPS approach followed by Cambridgeshire Local Authority

The last one included here is the AWOL procedure. Our schools are largely open sites and therefore it is important for all to know the approach if a student leaves the site.